The man likes looking that the beautiful woman is the nature reflection

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The man likes looking that the beautiful woman is the nature reflection

Post  cy7891 on Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:57 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Heart of beauty in everyone, men like to watch beautiful women, women like to watch handsome, is this why? Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands has recently announced new study results, that men like to watch beautiful women, not men, moral hazard, but a very natural reflex.

coach outlet)Hani Fan Hove professor said: "watch an attractive female, is important for men, because women can provide a lot of information to men, such as: whether she younger? She healthy? If the answer is yes , then, the woman for a man to provide much space for imagination. "conditioned reflex of this process can be completed within half a second.

ed hardy clothing)Free University of Amsterdam professor of human behavior through research scientist Hani Fan Hove found that when a woman into the men's line of sight range, without exception, men's eyes he'd be the woman to attract in the past, this process is completely is the body's natural function at work, is a "Pavlovian" conditioning, do not go through any of the brain.

Hani Fan Hove professor said, a man of "Pavlovian" conditioning is determined by biological evolution, which from one aspect to ensure the continuation of the human species and evolution. This is the man to see the reason why beauty can not be made.

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