The sea gull snatches the elementary student lunch insanely

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The sea gull snatches the elementary student lunch insanely

Post  cy7891 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:36 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :
 Devon Plymouth Si John Hunt the roof of the school community, there were more than 90 "to stir up trouble" Seagull settle there. When students enjoy the school lunch, these gulls will be straight down, toward the children in the hands of food, grabbed their hands sandwiches and potato chips.

School officials (cheap coach bags)are worried about the safety of students, then rented a two falcons and a hawk, which in turn three birds of prey circled over the school, "to stir up trouble Seagull" harassment of the school pupils can not come back.

Alleged that the birds of prey twice a week, when students eat breakfast and lunch, they will hover in the air a few weeks. Now almost all of the gulls have left the school roof.

School Facilities Manager Meier Starr said that these "make trouble" Seagull does not harm the students, but they are particularly "heroic", the students rampage, is not afraid of people(ed hardy clothing). They carry the bacteria, if it continues to stay, would endanger student health. Use of birds of prey driven gull, not only achieved significant results, teachers can also relevant to students of biological knowledge.

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