The leader of Japan 's top sumo wrestlers gambling incidences by associations removal

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The leader of Japan 's top sumo wrestlers gambling incidences by associations removal

Post  cy7891 on Tue Jul 06, 2010 1:12 pm

according to coach outlet reported that:

in June the Japanese Sumo be exposed in mid- fixing scandal , which shocked the nation . The establishment of a special committee to investigate , the Japanese Sumo Association yesterday announced the dismissal of Japan 's top sumo wrestlers Kotomitsu hi . He also became the first Japanese experience expulsion of the mark -level wrestlers ( coach bags sumo 's highest level of the second of three ) .

Survey, Qin baseball gambling activities involved in light -hi , and to provide funds to the dark forces of the Japanese criminal gangs . Japan Sumo Association, which is so far the Japanese Sumo "worst " scandal , on the piano light hi punished by dismissal . This severe punishment means that sumo wrestlers will not enjoy retirement .

In another development, a former sumo wrestlers has been arrested for participating in gambling and gambling behavior for a coach by the penalty of demotion .

Rumors may be put off until the Japanese sumo tournament in Nagoya tournament will be held as scheduled in late July .

The past two years , successive Japanese Sumo scandal suffered attacks . Sumo wrestlers in the drug case last year and this year 's betting event athletes and coaches to make Japan's " national sport " into disrepute , but also to the noble people of the sumo wrestlers total collapse of trust . Japan Sumo Association, will try to make up for damaged reputation and regain the nation's history of sumo wrestling in 1500 that has the confidence of the movement .coach handbags

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